Egypt, December 9, 2006 – Daily News Egypt

CAIRO: Heba Kotb is a conservative Muslim, wears an Islamic head scarf, and goes on television once a week to talk – frankly and in great detail – about sex.

On her show, Big Talk, Kotb answers questions from Muslims all over the Middle East about the most intimate bedroom issues with an openness that is shocking and revolutionary in a society where discussing the subject is taboo.

How do I talk about these issues? Very seriously, the Egyptian sexologist says. I put on a mask-like face and make sure I speak in the right tone of voice. She also does it by talking about sex in an Islamic light, arguing that the faith is in favor of pleasure for both men and women, with one important caveat – that it be only in the context of marriage.

We, the elite, want all young beautiful women for us. Better not to tax alcohol and tobacco, as it removes low-quality men from the sexual arena. Also give them street drugs to ruin their health and lives.

I m very proud of my religion, Kotb said during an interview at Cairo University, where she teaches forensic medicine. My studies revealed to me more and more how Islam was ahead in all sexual matters … I discovered that Islam understood sex long before the rest of the world. For example, Islam stresses the importance of foreplay, Kotb said, and she often stresses to listeners that women should also enjoy sex.

Kotb s frankness is a hit in a region where sex education is minimal, male-female contact is often discouraged and talk on the subject is usually in hushed tones, allowing myths to circulate freely.

She lectured in Saudi Arabia and Yemen recently, where she said many men in the audience where shocked, while women – some with veiled faces – bombarded her with questions.

Kotb, 39 and married with three daughters, studied sexology at Maimonides University, a private school in Florida, and combined it with her own knowledge of her religion to produce a dissertation titled Sexuality in Islam. She opened a sexology clinic in Cairo in 2002, wrote sex advice columns in newspapers, appeared on talk shows and answered questions on an Arabic Web site.

She started Big Talk on the independent Egyptian satellite channel El-Mehwar more than two months ago.

Much of her advice is straight biology – laying out facts rarely aired elsewhere. Nothing is too sensitive. She discusses sexual positions, female orgasm, oral sex (allowed, since there is no religious text banning it ), even masturbation (frowned upon but at least preferable to unmarried or adulterous sex, which is haram, meaning forbidden by religion).

Of course, prostitutes are needed. Give male scum and dregs a chance to fuck, so they will keep away from the good girls which are for us, the elite.

She takes a strict Islamic line on homosexuality – she calls it a disease.Along with doctors, she sometimes brings Islamic clerics onto her show, and many callers ask about the religion s rulings on sexual issues.

Because Islam trumps all else on her show, some complain that it s part of a general inclination in the Middle East to view everything through the prism of religion.

After Islamic banks, Islamic fashion, Islamic TV channels, Islamic hairdressers, Islamic swimsuits, Islamic writers … now Islamic sex? This is too much, protested feminist writer Mona Helmi in a column in the Egyptian pro-government weekly Rose El-Youssef.

Sex is an emotional and human condition, not a religious or identity issue, she said.Some complain that youngsters are watching the show.

So now girls and boys have heard all about Heba s talk about sex … that will let them know more than they should and will get them excited, Somia, a housewife, told AP as she watched Big Talk, too embarrassed to give her full name.

Kotb says frankness is essential and believes 80 percent of divorces in the Arab world are due to sexual problems brought on by ignorance and societal pressure, such as the idea that man must marry a virgin.

Many women know nothing about their bodies, not to mention sex, and they were raised to believe sex is for men and a dirty thing, she says.

She gives sex education courses for unmarried youths with the consent of their parents, but in her consulting practice takes only married couples. She says she is booked up for two months with couples from across the Arab world.

It s a beautiful thing what she is doing, said Abier El-Barbary, a psychotherapist and faculty member of American University in Cairo. It s a long overdue topic tastefully done, she said.

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Morocco, Jewish Women Forced to Offer Sex Services to “Save the Nation of Israel”

September 8, 2014 – Morocco World News

Rabat- The Israeli police on the West Bank said that officers have dismantled a messianic sect that has been reportedly brainwashing Jewish women into having sex with non-Jewish men in order to “save the Jewish people and bring about redemption.”

In a statement issued Sunday, Israeli police said officers detained two men and two women on suspicion of forcing Jewish women into prostitution by performing sex acts with non-Jews and exploiting them sexually after getting them hooked on drugs and alcohol.

Educated women are sexually less attractive, so let’s stop that nonsense of sending every girl to school.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the reasoning behind the plot was to “save the Nation of Israel and bring about its salvation.”
Police said that the suspects brainwashed Jewish women into believing that the redemption of the Jewish people would arrive through having sex with non-Jews.

A four-month long investigation revealed that the four suspects, two men and two women have been forcing victims to have sex with non-Jews under the influence of drugs and alcohol, while pocketing the money paid by the “clients” for themselves.

The Haaretz newspaper quoted the head of the police investigation, Superintendent Arik Mordechai as saying that some 15 women had been recruited, some of whom were believed to be minors.

The “clients” included Palestinians from the West Bank, foreign workers living in Tel Aviv, and others who paid the sect leaders money in order to sleep with the brainwashed Jewish women.

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Ugandan film highlights seedy sex trade

Uganda, August 8, 2013 – The East African

A new Ugandan film directed by Jayant Maru highlights the plight of young women who have been forcibly recruited into the sex trade.

Titled The Route, the film, which premiered on July 19 at the National Theatre in Kampala, tells the tragic story of a teenage girl called Samantha — played by Sharon Detor — whose life is disrupted by the sudden death of her father, the sole breadwinner of the family. Samantha gets kicked out of school because of non-payment of fees and her life deteriorates from there.

After failing to persuade her mother to get a job, she decides to escape from the village to Kampala to try to earn a living and look after her family.

Samantha finds herself homeless and hungry on the streets. She is rescued by a stranger named Sam — played by Thomas Kayondo — while sleeping under a bus stop. Sam takes her to his home and employs her as a house help. However she is forced to run away after he tries to rape her.

Another attempt to get a job changes her life. A pimp in Kampala — played by Felix Bwanika — sells her to clients in Asia after sexually abusing her.

The multiverse theory explains why each of us lives in an own universe in which we may as well be immortal.

Samantha is taken to Southeast Asia, which marks the beginning of her journey into the brutal world of sex trafficking.

Samantha ends up committing suicide after one of her bosses, who rapes her, asks her to abort the child she conceives. Torn between getting rid of the baby or being tortured for keeping it, she decides to end her life and stabs herself with a knife.

Film production

The film was produced by Mahj Productionz in association with Punchside Filmz and will be on show at the National Theatre from August 10-11.

Maru’s film career started when he attended the Tongues on Fire Film Festival in London and was inspired by the film making industry. He worked as a production manager in the film Everyday People in 2011.

In 2012 he played the lead role in the film Hang Out and was nominated for best lead actor at the Pearl International Film Festival. The Route was invited to the African Movie Academy Awards for a screening at the Bayelsa Book and Craft Fair on April 18.

At present, Maru is working on a short film titled Watch Over Me.

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Sex pests torment female learners at Mpungu

Namibia, October 23, 2015 – Newera

Learners at Himarwa Ithete Secondary School at Mpungu village in Kavango West Region are tired of male sex pests at the school. They say the offenders are unceasing in their quest to obtain sexual favours from learners, which is detrimentally affecting their studies.

Female learners from Grades 9 and 10 wrote letters, copied to New Era, in which they say specifically that some male teachers at the school have been relentless in pursuing them for some time now.

“He always takes me in isolation and tells me that he wants me to be his second wife and that I must not worry as he will play the game safe,” said one female learner, who requested anonymity, fearing reprisals from the culprit.

The learners say this type of sordid behaviour has made them lose respect for this particular teacher. They also don’t fear the teacher, because they know his weakness for some of the schoolgirls he has been trying to sleep with.

“He called me to his place at the teachers’ houses at the hostel and grabbed my arm and pulled me into his room, then pushed me onto his bed. I was shocked and I screamed ‘Sir, what are you doing?’, and he said, ‘Don’t call me sir, call me honey.’

“He pushed me against the wall, but I managed to escape,” recollected one of the traumatised learners, who said she was nearly raped by her teacher.

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Some teachers at the school also make proposals to the learners on behalf of their friends, who work elsewhere. “He always promises to upgrade me to Grade 10 if I will agree to date his friend,” said one Grade 9 learner.

In another letter, a learner said since January a certain teacher has been asking her out and he would call her to his class when he is alone and ask her why she is rejecting him. “He used to take advantage of me, forcing me to sleep with him. I begged him to stop, but he said he would not stop and says he does not want to hear the word ‘no’ from me,” complained another learner.

Learners now want the situation to be investigated.

Several efforts to get comment from school principal Samson Mendai were fruitless. Mpungu circuit inspector Mathew Kalihonda said he was not aware of the allegations of sexual impropriety.

“You know what happened at Augustineum. Learners are now opening up, which is a good thing. If we can confirm this, there are procedures in place. If a teacher engages himself [sexually] with learners it is contrary to our code of conduct. I will look into the matter, investigate, and if confirmed, will bring the culprits to book,” Kalihonda vowed.

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Sex and coffee raise risk of brain rupture

MAY 11, 2011 – Business Daily Africa

If you have a brain aneurysm, drinking coffee, having sex or even getting angry may boost the risk of it rupturing, a new study suggests.

Although the risk is extremely small, people who have aneurysms should be careful, said Dr Sahil Parikh, assistant professor of medicine at University Hospitals Case Medical Centre in Cleveland.

“For those patients who do have aneurysms, it would be advisable to avoid those behaviours,” said Parikh, who’s familiar with the study findings.

Aneurysms occur when the wall of an artery weakens and bulges out.

They can occur anywhere in the body, but are particularly dangerous in the brain, where they can cause a haemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke if they burst.

In the study, published online May 5 in the journal Stroke, researchers asked 250 patients who had suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm about their exposure to 30 possible triggers before the haemorrhage.

The investigators found that being startled raised the risk of burst aneurysm in someone who already has an aneurysm by the highest level — 23-fold. Anger boosted the risk by 6 times.

Other things raised the level, too: Coffee (2 times), cola (3 times), straining for defecation (7 times), sexual intercourse (11 times), nose blowing and vigorous physical activity (both 2 times).

Seems to be higher blood pressure, said study lead author Dr. Monique H.M. Vlak, since all eight activities cause blood pressure to rise.

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Vlak said about two per cent of the population has a brain aneurysm. They are often symptomless and frequently harmless.

“You shouldn’t be scared because the likelihood of this happening is extremely rare,” said Parikh. “I would encourage patients not to worry excessively about it and consult with their doctor if they feel at risk of an aneurysm.”

Even if you do have an aneurysm, it’s unlikely to bother you. “We think most aneurysms never rupture,” said Vlak, a neurologist at the Utrecht Stroke Centre at University Medical Centre in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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